This round of grants is closed, we’ll announce new grants via email so be sure to join the newsletter!

Only possible because of the support from

A huge thank you to wethink for helping support this round with an extremely generous gift allowing us to award TWO $500 grants!

The team at Wethink has developed a simple to implement system that will allow coaches and athletes to showcase, track, and report individual player and team skill development. The platform is great for improving self-awareness, recognizing strengths, and improving peer-to-peer communications. And it is FREE for HS esports teams – They are all esports people!

Also this round – a streaming package raffle! 3 schools will be randomly selected to receive a free logo reveal and animated placeholder graphics provided by a stranded panda designs.

wethink sounds cool, how do I learn more?

Contact Adrian (COO) to set up a call!

How do I see some examples of streaming graphics from this Panda?

Visit their website!  (Cooper, one of the PHNX founders, is also the founder and sole designer for A Stranded Panda Designs).

Who is eligible to apply?

Only applications submitted by Middle or High School esports coaches, supervisors, and/or sponsors 18 years of age and older will be accepted.

What can I use the grant for?

Anything for your team’s benefit: jerseys, player fees, equipment, stipends, etc.

How will the grant awards be determined?

All submissions will be scrubbed of contact info before anyone reads them.

Each committee member we be given a random groupings of applications to read.

Each member will chose one from the group to move on to the next round.

A random number generator will be used to select the awarded schools

Only then will the contact info get paired to reveal the recipient.

How will streaming packages be determined?

Random Number Generator to select three submissions from all eligible applications.

How will eligibility be determined?

A combination of required information during the application process as well as communications between the committee and applying schools.

I’m a student, can I apply?

No, but your coach can!

When will awards be announced?

We will do our best to determine awards within 7-10 of applications closing.